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Newspaper article - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. When something is happening, but you are not sure what, you might say -
something goes on it's in the air there's a red herring something is up right wrong
2. If you contact someone, you -
get in touch touch someone up call someone in speak of someone right wrong
3. Banks which deal only in trading and investment are called -
high street banks mutuals merchant banks T&I banks right wrong
4. A business which is not certain to make a profit is called a -
junk bond blue chip tech stock venture right wrong
5. Stores with the same name in different places are part of a -
series chain line franchise right wrong
6. The person who starts a business is called its -
beginner founder finder venture capitalist right wrong
7. A temporary shop on the side of the road is a -
kiosk pavilion meal on wheels bhagee right wrong
8. A company sells goods to the public through -
porters resellers outlets loopholes right wrong
9. Companies which copy another company's business model are called -
copyright thieves imitators shadows stalkers right wrong
10. People who "play their cards close to their chests" -
don't have money cheat don't spend money are secretive right wrong
11. When one company gets control of another, this is a -
takeover swallow buyover share option right wrong
12. A company's accounts are called its -
assets books liabilities charter right wrong
13. Something that "comes to light" is -
successful made public not serious cheap right wrong
14. Something which "plunges" -
is rare gets stuck goes down fast is hidden right wrong
15. A person with a "Midas Touch" -
is bad-tempered is a bad investor loses money makes money right wrong