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A press release - Functions

Sally is discussing some of Ivan's proposed investments with him. Decide if each of Ivan's replies is defensive, neutral or friendly. When you have decided click on 'ANALYSIS'.

Sally: "Solar power, eh?"

Ivan: "Well, why not? What's wrong with a Solar Power company?"

Sally: "No, nothing, nothing at all. I was just interested to see what you had chosen. I'm not saying it's a bad idea. Just interested, that' s all."

Ivan: "I went through a whole list of companies before I chose this one. It has a lot going for it. I think it will perform well."

Sally: "Ok, tell me about it."

Ivan: "Right, first of all, I'm not a scientist, but I checked up on their stuff in the academic papers. The people who are scientists are impressed by their work. That's good enough for me."

Sally: "Not all academics make good businessmen though."

Ivan: "I know that. I thought of that too. But they have a venture capital company handling their management, and they aren't going to allow the scientists to do anything stupid."

Sally: "I see that have a professional manager handling their operations too."

Ivan: "Exactly. And yes, I checked on him too. He used to work for Behrens Technology before they head-hunted him. He knows his stuff."

Sally: "How much are you going in for?"

Ivan: "I don't know yet. I think they will do well, but it's a long-term investment. It depends if I can find something to give a bit of sparkle to my results in the immediate future. If I can I'll take quite a big stake."

Sally: "Well, I might be able to help you with that, if you ask nicely."

Ivan: "If it's good, I'll buy you lunch - how's that?"