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A press release - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. A company which has been created from nothing is called a -
refreshed company De Novo beginner company start-up right wrong
2. Another word for skill and ability is -
adaptability expertise experience pronuptialism right wrong
3. A "revolutionary" product -
is new and exciting goes around is a type of weapon is made in the third world right wrong
4. What to "greenhouse gasses" do?
Change the climate Paint houses Grow plants Poison animals right wrong
5. If you start using or doing something you -
put up with it run off with it take it up get over it right wrong
6. A product which only the inventor is allowed to use is called -
exclusive topographic curtailed patent right wrong
7. Giving someone permission to use your name and sell your product is called -
delegation franchise sub-contract retail right wrong
8. People who own part of a company are called -
co-owners patrons shareholders dividenders right wrong
9. The people responsible for a company's policy are the -
directors executioners workforce managers right wrong
10. A "flat structure" means that -
there aren't many managers promotion is slow no-one works hard profits are low right wrong
11. What are "overheads"?
The costs of running a company The costs of lighting a factory Company taxes Extra workers right wrong
12. Things in a company which are worth money are called its -
deficits assets liabilities values right wrong
13. "Yeilds" can be another word for -
losing workers profits delays weekends right wrong
14. If a company "trades in the black", it -
sells on the black market employs illegal workers makes a profit makes a loss right wrong
15. Asking to buy new shares from a company is called -
subscribing suggesting requisitioning lapsing right wrong