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A formal letter - Functions

This is part of a conversation between Sally Dodd and Peter, one of her colleagues at Biscuit Investments. Read it and decide - How do Sally and Peter feel about Ivan? What is the relationship between Sally and Peter? Who is better at their job? When you have decided click on 'ANALYSIS'.

Peter: "So you are baby-sitting next month. Teaching the new boy all about it."

Sally: "Well, we all have to start sometime. I just hope he's ok."

Peter: "Just as well I'm very busy this month, or old Barwell would have given the job to me."

Sally: "Of course."

Peter: "So he's looking after the Walton portfolio. I don't see why Barwell couldn't have given that to one of us, and given the new boy something more routine. I could do with a new challenge."

Sally: "I thought you said that you were very busy this month?"

Peter: "I am. We may not all have high yeild portfolios like you do, but we all have things to do. I have some very interesting prospects at the moment."

Sally: "I wonder why this Ivan left Bellweather?"

Peter: "They probably threw him out. Stealing other peoples work."

Sally: "Oh, calm down Peter - you have been complaining for ages about being overworked, and now we have someone to share the work all you can do is complain."

Peter: "It's all right for you. If the work slows down, it's not you who'll go - you're the boss' blue-eyed girl."

Sally: "I have just had a few good months - it will be your turn soon."

Peter: "Yes, you are going to have to watch out for yourself and this Ivan - any mistakes of his, and you will be blamed."

Sally: "Oh, dear, do you think so?"