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A formal letter - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. A part of an organisation which performs a particular function is called a/an -
department limb branch office right wrong
2. The opposite of permanent is -
short termperment permeable temporary right wrong
3. Someone involved in a business deal may be called a -
dealer fiddle party contract right wrong
4. "In the first instance" is another way to say -
at once to begin with at this moment for example right wrong
5. A word meaning "finish" or "end" is -
termite return transient terminate right wrong
6. A word meaning "before the end of .." is -
within finally restart dent right wrong
7. If you "dispense with" something, you -
employ it sign it stop using it buy it cheaply right wrong
8. Things you can do well are your -
goods skills disabilities praises right wrong
9. To watch and check is to -
overlook supervise consult regard right wrong
10. Finding how an organisation works is called -
learning the ropes finding the cheese getting to hang out reading the grapevine right wrong
11. Someone who "stands on his own feet" is -
well-balanced of good standing footloose independent right wrong
12. A period of two weeks is called a -
half month fortnight baker's dozen half moon right wrong
13. If you are part of an enterprise you are -
on board partitioned concluded in touch right wrong
14. Polite and friendly is -
obsequious intimidating curt cordial right wrong
15. The head of a company is the -
CiC H.Q. M.D. V.I.P. right wrong