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An informal memo - Functions

This is a part of the interview between Ivan English and Mrs Meredith. Mrs Meredith is preparing a trap for Ivan. What is the trap, and how does she prepare it? When you have decided click on 'ANALYSIS'.

Mrs Meredith: "Good afternoon, Mr English."

Ivan: "Good afternoon."

Mrs Meredith: "Sandy! Bring some coffee for Mr English please. You do take coffee, donít you?"

Ivan: "Um... I'm fine, thanks."

Mrs Meredith: "Ok then, let's get down to business. First of all, may I ask why you applied to join Biscuit Investments?"

Ivan: "Well, I was looking for an opportunity with a big investment house. I mean, I was doing ok at Bellweather, but I was growing out of the position there. I just wanted to try something bigger, more of a challenge."

Mrs Meredith: "I see. How are you at handling responsibility?"

Ivan: "Oh, Iím comfortable with it."

Mrs Meredith: "Yes?"

Ivan: "Um, well, I am used to taking responsibility for what I do, I have confidence in myself, so I am prepared to take responsibility. I realise that this is a responsible position.

Mrs Meredith: "So how would you feel if we offered you the post as an independent consultant?"

Ivan: "Well, no, yes, um, actually, but I understood this post was as a full-time employee?"

Mrs Meredith: "But as an independent consultant? How would you feel about that?"

Ivan: "Hm, yes, of course. I appreciate the tax implications. All of them. Thereís also the question of benefits which I would lose as an independent, the pension plan for example. We would have to re-arrange the financial package..."