Business Studies Course - Investment
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An informal memo - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. "A word to the wise" means -
A quick bit of advice  
Unwanted advice  
Unnecessary advice  
Unelpful advice right wrong
2. "Customise" means -
Pay a kind of tax  
Be in the habit of doing  
Change to an individual's requirements  
Get used to a new situation right wrong
3. A "full-time" employee -
works for just one company  
works long hours  
does not take holidays  
works in the evenings right wrong
4. How do you "sweeten a deal"?
Bribe somebody  
Improve your business relationship  
Invite someone to lunch/dinner  
Increase what you are offering right wrong
5. "I get 45k a year." What does this mean?
I am getting fat  
I earn 45 000 every year  
I have 45 days holiday per year  
I have 45 days sick leave per year right wrong
6. A "long shot" is -
an unpleasant person  
an investment for the future  
someone who talks too much  
something which probably will not happen right wrong
7. If you "go for" something, you -
decide to try it  
are addicted to it  
argue about it  
take it from someone else right wrong
8. If you "punch a time card", you -
often get angry  
leave a job  
are quite old  
work regular hours right wrong
9. Performance-related pay means -
you get more money for good work  
you get less money for poor work  
your salary is not fixed  
all the above right wrong
10. When you "jump ship" you -
suddenly get good results  
you move to another town  
go without telling anybody  
sell something important right wrong
11. Information moves more easily if you have a/an -
breakdown right wrong
12. Something valuable or useful is a/an -
white elephant  
liability right wrong
13. "On the spot" can mean -
well-planned right wrong
14. Something you don't have can be called -
unfounded right wrong
15. Someone who is head-hunted is -
stolen from another company  
fired from his job  
sent on a training course right wrong