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Letter of resignation - Reading

There are some sentences missing from this letter. Read the parts in the section opposite, and decide where they belong in the text. Then answer the questions opposite. When you have finished, click 'answers' to check your results.

English & Dodd. Investment Brokers and Advisors 201 Chancery Road, London EC1 1HC.

Dear Mr Blake;

This letter serves as official confirmation that A....

As you know, either party can opt out of our employment agreement provided that a month's notice is given. B.... .

Regarding this contract, I have had my attention strongly drawn to the fact that I have agreed not to undertake any stock trading on behalf on any clients of Biscuit Investments for a period of three months after the termination of my employment, and you may rest assured that I intend to honour this obligation to the letter. However, C.... , and according to my legal advice, an untenable position in law.

Furthermore, I understand from Paul Bascombe that with the departure of myself and Mr English, Mr Barwell has decided to take early retirement, and D.... . Therefore the clause which specifies that I am not to enter a business which directly competes with Biscuit Investments does not apply.

In the light of the unpleasant scene which ensued when news of my intended departure became known, I do not intend to return to the company to clear my desk, and E.....

Since I do not forsee the need for any further personal communication between us, F.... .

Yours truly

Sally Dodd


1. I would be grateful if any personal items are forwarded to English & Dodd, at the above address    

2. As I am due six weeks leave, which I am now taking, this will serve in lieu of notice.   

3. I am tendering my resignation from Biscuit Investments, effective immediately   

4. I and Mr English take this opportunity to wish you and Biscuit Investments the success you deserve in the future   

5. the department for which I formerly worked is to be closed, making Bascombe redundant   

6. your suggestion that none of these clients may do business with any firm in which I am a partner is unfounded