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Letter of resignation - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. Information that something is definitely true is called -
confirmation defamation confession avowal right wrong
2. If something is "tendered" it is -
made softer sold offered put in position right wrong
3. Which of these expressions means "at once"?
Without doubt In the spot With dispatch Effective immediately right wrong
4. People or companies taking part in an agreement are called "the ... to the agreement".
partners parties partakers partitions right wrong
5. If you choose not to take part in something, you -
fade out leave in pass by opt out right wrong
6. If you say that you are going to leave your job, you -
put off fire yourself sack out give notice right wrong
7. "To receive money in lieu of holiday". What does "in lieu" mean?
In advance Instead For the reason As well as right wrong
8. If you do something for someone else, you do it on their -
behalf position benefit claim right wrong
9. A phrase meaning "you can be certain" is -
be knowing rest assured lie in peace get wise right wrong
10. "The rumour was unfounded". "Unfounded" means -
uncertain untrue widespread true right wrong
11. Someone who stops working, and receives a pension has -
declined resigned retired dropped out right wrong
12. Someone who has lost their job because they are not needed any more has been -
made redundant pensioned off put aside kicked upstairs right wrong
13. A particular point in a formal agreement is called a/an -
measure exactment clause cache right wrong
14. If you send something on to another address, you -
post it on pass it over remail it forward it right wrong
15. If you expect something to happen in the future, you have -
prophesied it denounced it forseen it previewed it right wrong