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Informal email - Functions

Ivan is talking with his boss. How does Magnus Blake's attitude change during the conversation, and what is he trying to tell Ivan? When you have finished click on 'ANALYSIS'

Magnus Blake: "Ah, Ivan, come on in, nice of you to stop by."

Ivan: "Actually, you told me to come."

Magnus Blake: "Erm, yes. It's Ted you understand. He's not happy, not happy at all. So I said I'd have a word with you, see what we can sort out."

Ivan: "Oh, really?"

Magnus Blake: "I'm not going into the rights and wrongs of it, but you do seem to have upset a few people in our share trading department. I'm sure you know that."

Ivan: "I've also doubled the profits. That may have something to do with it."

Magnus Blake: "I'm not sure that I like what I'm hearing. Now, it's this sort of attitude that is causing the problems. You do have to accept, Ivan, that you are a junior trader here, and that you are on probation."

Ivan: "Would you also want me to accept other people stealing my research, or having me lose money because they are wrong?"

Magnus Blake: "As a junior trader, you must understand your position. If you can't do that you should get out. Leave the company."

Ivan: "Ok. "

Magnus Blake: "What? "

Ivan: "I'm leaving. Last week I was taking with Brodingers - the merchant bankers. They're setting me up as an independent trader. As I am only on probation here and I don't have a full time contract, my legal advice is that if the customers on my portfolio want to move over with me, there's no problem."

Magnus Blake: "But you can't I mean, we need to talk about this decision. There's no need to do anything final just yet."

Ivan: "I can't see anything to discuss, really. You people won't let me be independent, now I can be."

Magnus Blake: "More independence? Well, I am sure we can arrange that. No-one wants people interfering with their work all the time. You should have told me of those problems earlier, my boy. Now what exactly do you need?"