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Informal email - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. If you watch something to see what will happen, you .......... on it.
put a look take a peek keep an eye over look right wrong
2. "Info" is an abbreviation for -
in focus information in for me informal right wrong
3. If you "strike oil" you have made a/an -
valuable discovery bad mistake good sale unlucky choice right wrong
4. In a "management buy-out", the management -
buy their company sell their company hire good employees leave the company right wrong
5. A "highly-leveraged" company has many -
engineers employees advantages debts right wrong
6. The difference between shares and what they earn is called the -
effort vs price cost to return price/earnings ratio share/profit balance right wrong
7. If you buy the same shares as someone else, you are said to be .... their investment.
copyrighting shadowing reflecting stealing right wrong
8. A colloquial expression for 1000 is a -
tonne pony grand mill right wrong
9. If you pay with your own money, you pay from -
the heart your nose your own pocket under the bed right wrong
10. A company's profits are shared among shareholders as -
sharings dividends stockings cashback right wrong
11. If you pay more than the normal price for shares, you pay a/an -
overhead top rate uppermost premium right wrong
12. Something which gives you a steady profit can be called a/an -
good lemon nice little earner well-paid bet one-off return right wrong
13. If a company buys a business that does not want to be bought, this is called a -
buy-back hard adoption poison pill hostile takeover right wrong
14. An investment which is not earning enough money is -
a cheap deal going poor underperforming topped out right wrong
15. When the stockmarket is not going up or down, the market is -
sloppy flat plain jittery right wrong