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Central bank - Functions

Ted Barwell has returned to take charge of the share dealing department at Biscuit Investments. He has come to talk to the boss, Magnus Blake. Read the conversation, and try to find out what has happened. When you have finished click on 'ANALYSIS'

Magnus Blake: "Hi Ted. How are you feeling? I meant to speak to you earlier, but we've been ... busy, you know. Getting everything back under control in your department? We had a few problems there, recently."

Ted Barwell: "Yes, Ivan English and that wretched takeover affair. We lost a lot of money on that one."

Magnus Blake: "Well, I rather thought that it was that other trader ... Paul, who was mainly responsible."

Ted Barwell: "Paul just needs tighter supervision. English though, he's a different matter."

Magnus Blake: "Oh?"

Ted Barwell: "He's arrogant, won't listen to advice ... really, I worry about his attitude. I discussed one of his deals, advised him and he almost told me to my face not to be stupid. Then he did what he wanted anyway."

Magnus Blake: "Which was?"

Ted Barwell: "Oh, he sold some shares even though I advised him not to. But it's not that case, it's more his general attitude."

Magnus Blake: "So which shares did he sell?"

Ted Barwell: "Some football club. He has a really strange portfolio, did you know? Even a rock group "

Magnus Blake: "Football club ...? Rhymington? Rhymington FC. Did he sell before or after last Saturday?"

Ted Barwell: "I'm not sure ... before. Do you know about Rhymington?"

Magnus Blake: "Well, if one of our clients has a lot of money in the club; I look at their results. Their million-pound striker broke a leg on Saturday, and shares went down quite sharply. Before that, didn't the shares go up a lot because of the interest rate cut?"

Ted Barwell: "Yes, well, that's not really what I wanted to talk to you about, Magnus ..."