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Central bank - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. If you borrow money from a bank, the extra money you have to give back is called -
quids in interest taxes loan sharking right wrong
2. The amount of extra money you have to give back depends on the -
quid level interest rate tax band shark attack right wrong
3. A written record of an official meeting is called the -
discussion verbatim recording minutes right wrong
4. The institution responsible for much of British policy on money is the -
British Bank High Street Bank Bank of England Chequers Estate right wrong
5. A "half point cut" in interest rates is a cut of -
0.5% 1.5% 5% 15% right wrong
6. Someone who wants economic growth even at the risk of inflation is called a -
penguin pelican duck dove right wrong
7. Someone who wants a tough policy on money is called a/an -
eagle bat hawk vulture right wrong
8. The US Federal Reserve is often called the -
USF res UFR Fedres Fed right wrong
9. If people are ready to invest their money there is said to be high -
cashing in investor confidence exuberance noon trading right wrong
10. When a country produces less than it used to do, this is called a -
dropping trade war recession backward right wrong
11. If a market is "cooling"; this means buyers are -
paying more fashionable the general public less interested right wrong
12. A colloquial term for something increasing is -
inflation to a rise on the up streaking right wrong
13. If an opinion is "discounted" it is -
ignored given cheaply considered carefully one of many right wrong
14. People who owe money are called -
felons owers debtors investors right wrong
15. Money you borrow to buy a house is generally called a -
bit iffy mortgage debtors' prison safe house right wrong