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Investor's report - Functions

Sally and Ivan are having a drink at the end of the week. Read the text, and decide how Sally and Ivan feel about eachother. Also decide who is controlling the topics of conversation. When you have finished click on 'ANALYSIS'

Ivan: "Well, thank heavens it's Friday, then."

Sally: "Yes, it's been a rather tense week for me. ImaginIt, you know."

Ivan: "At least you didn't crack. I think I would have sold on Tuesday, and taken the loss."

Sally: "If I had been sensible, I would have too. I was lucky."

Ivan: "Really? I thought you had faith in the company. After all, you brought a lot of shares on Wednesday."

Sally: "I was hoping for a bounce. And fortunately it came. So I unloaded and cashed in this afternoon. I can spend the weekend with my mind at rest."

Ivan: "Nice work. How's the rest of your portfolio?"

Sally: "Nosy. Ticking over. Most of my shares are long term holds, so I don't have the thrills and spills you and Peter have. Have you two made up yet?"

Ivan: "Cold war, I'm afraid. His nose is well out of joint."

Sally: "It's a pity. I don't like having bad blood, it poisons the whole atmosphere. Well, there you have it."

Ivan: "Indeed. Well, I would say let's put it all behind us for 48 hours, but I've got to go home to read up on some company reports."

Sally: "Wuffyburgers on your plate?"

Ivan: "Yes. The shares have gone up nicely. Now I have to decide whether to hold or sell."