Business Studies Course - Investment
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Investor's report - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. The Financial Times Stock Exchange Index is called the -
Finti Pink Index Eftimdex Footsie right wrong
2. "The market was bouyed by the results." "Bouyed" means -
lifted up depressed surprised bored right wrong
3. Different parts of the economy are called -
dissections sectors sales areas economic bits right wrong
4. If confidence is described as "fragile" this means -
very confident easy to break newly confident destroyed right wrong
5. When shares go up and down a lot, they are said to be on a/an -
roller-coaster elevator upswing/downswing switchback right wrong
6. Something very scaring and exciting is called -
dribbling white-knuckle pale-face sweaty-feet right wrong
7. When your investment has done well, and you then sell it, this is called -
trading up trading out profit - making profit -taking right wrong
8. People who buy because they think share prices won't go any lower are called -
groundhogs base men rock bottomers bottom-feeders right wrong
9. The expression for consumer shops and businesses is -
town center shops the high street the big sellers customer traders right wrong
10. If you "shore something up" you stop it from -
falling down going up moving forward being sold right wrong
11. Periods when the economy is doing badly are called -
booms recessions exuberances falldowns right wrong
12. When things are not going to get worse, they are said to have -
bounced up dug in slipped up bottomed out right wrong
13. Making an investment you will hold for some time is called -
playing patience going long holding up selling short right wrong
14. Making a small bet is called "having a ..."
plunge dive flutter finger right wrong
15. Something you are unsure about can be described as -
a bit iffy a dead cert rock-ribbed wet-nosed right wrong