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Where is Jonathan?

The next Day: Earlier Lucy and I sat here a while, and the view was all so beautiful that we took hands as we sat. She told me again all about Arthur and their coming marriage. That upset me just a little, for I haven't heard from Jonathan for a whole month.

Now I have come up here alone, for I am very sad. There was no letter for me. I hope that there is nothing wrong with Jonathan. Here the clock has just struck nine. I see the lights in windows all over the town. Sometimes they are in rows where the streets are, and sometimes singly. The lights run right up the river Esk and vanish with the curve of the valley. To my left the view is cut off by the black line of the roof of the old house next to the abbey. The sheep and lambs are bleating in the fields away behind me, and I can hear donkeys' hoofs up the paved road below.