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The million pound banknote

I was in a kind of agony. I was right on the point of coming out with the words, 'Lloyd, I'm a pauper myself - absolutely penniless, and in debt!' But a white-hot idea came flaming through my head, and I gripped my jaws together, and calmed myself down till I was as cold as a capitalist. Then I said, in a commercial and self-possessed way

'I will save you, but in a way that would be fair to you, after your hard work, and the risks you've run. I don't need to buy mines; I can keep my capital moving, in a commercial center like London, without that. It's what I'm at, all the time; but here is what I'll do. I know all about that mine, of course. I know its immense value, and can swear to it if anybody wishes it. You shall sell out inside of the fortnight for three million cash, using my name freely, and we'll divide, share and share alike.'