English for Everybody - Elementary reading comprehension


Page 41


Something strange

I went to bed, but I only slept a few hours. Then because I felt that I could not sleep any more, I got up again. I hung my shaving mirror by the window, and started to shave. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, and heard the Count say, "Good morning" to me. I jumped. I was astonished that I had not seen him, since I could see the whole room behind me in the mirror. I had cut myself slightly because I was so surprised, but did not notice it at the time. I replied 'Good Morning' to the Count. Then I looked in the mirror again to see how I had failed to see the Count. This time there could be no mistake, for the man was close to me, in fact I could see him over my shoulder. But there was no reflection in the mirror! The whole room was there behind me, but there was no sign of anyone in it except myself.

This was amazing, and it came after so many other strange things. That slight feeling that something is wrong- a feeling which I always have when the Count is near - became even stronger. Then I saw that the cut had bled a little, and there was a drop of blood running down my chin. I put down the razor, and turned to look for some sticking plaster.

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