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The Canterville Ghost

Helping the Ghost.

`That means,' said the ghost sadly, `that you must cry for all the evil things I have done, because I have no tears. You must pray for me because I do not believe in anything. And then, if you have always been sweet, good, and gentle, then Death will be kind and gentle to me. If you help me, you will see terrible shapes in the darkness. Wicked voices will whisper in your ear. But they cannot harm you, because evil cannot harm a little child who has done no evil. '

Virginia did not answer, and the Ghost looked down at her golden head. He was very afraid, because he was starting to think that Virginia would not help him after all. Suddenly Virginia stood up. Her face was white, and there was a strange look in her eyes. `I am not afraid,' she said, `and I will ask Death to be kind to you.'

The ghost made a small sound that showed how happy he was. He stood up, took her hand in his hand, and kissed her fingers. The ghost's fingers were as cold as ice, and his lips burned like fire. But Virginia was not afraid as she went across across the room with him, although the evening was getting dark.

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