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The Canterville Ghost

An upset Ghost

After he had said this, Mr Otis put the bottle down on a stone table near his door. Then he closed the door, and went back to bed. The Canterville Ghost could not believe what had just happened to him. He stood completely still for several seconds, and then he threw the bottle on to the floor as hard as he could. He ran off along the corridor, making a horrible noise and lit up by a terrible green light.

Soon he reached the wooden stairs at the end of the corridor. A door opened suddenly, and the ghost saw two boys wearing white sleeping clothes. Suddenly the boys threw a large pillow at his head. The ghost decided that he had to escape very quickly, so he jumped into the fourth dimension, and vanished through the wall. After he had gone, the house became quiet again.

The ghost went to his small secret room in the west part of the house. He stopped there, and tried to get his breath back. He really did not understand what had happened to him. He had been a ghost for more than three hundred years, and he had been a very good and frightening ghost. He had never had anyone behave so badly to him as had happened that evening.

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