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The Canterville Ghost

What the ghost had done

He thought of the Dowager Duchess. She had been standing in her best clothes in front of the mirror when he had frightened her. Four of the girls who had worked in the house had been so frightened that they could not think of doing anything but screaming after they saw him through the curtains of one of the spare bedrooms. One of the men who worked in the local church had been in the library late one night when the ghost blew out his candle. The poor man still needed help from the doctor, and he was easily upset and frightened.

And old Madame de Tremouillac woke up early one morning and saw a skeleton sitting in her armchair by the fire reading her diary. The old lady had been so scared that she had to stay in her bed for six weeks after that. When she got better, she started going to church again and stopped speaking to her friend Monsieur de Voltaire who did not believe in things like ghosts.

The ghost remembered the terrible night when the evil Lord Canterville was found his room. He was dying because a playing card had been pushed down his throat. Lord Canterville said that he had been playing cards with the famous politician Charles James Fox. He had not been playing fairly, and he had won 50 000. Lord Canterville said that the ghost had made him swallow the card that he had won all the money with.

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