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The Jungle book

Shere Khan hunts

"That is a bad thing to do" Father Wolf said. He was angry "By the Law of the Jungle he can't change where he hunts without telling everybody about it. He will frighten all the animals here, and I - I have to kill food for myself and also for mother wolf."

"His mother called him Lungri [the Lame]," said Mother Wolf quietly. "He has been lame in one foot since he was born. He cannot walk or run properly. That is why he kills cows instead of wild animals. Now the villagers of the Waingunga are angry with him for killing their animals, and he has come here to make our villagers angry. They will look all over the jungle for him. We and our children will run when the villagers burn the grass to find him. Oh yes, we are happy that Shere Khan is here!"

"Shall I tell him how happy you are?" said Tabaqui.

"Get out!" said Father Wolf. "Go out and hunt with the tiger. You have caused enough trouble tonight." "I am going," said Tabaqui quietly. "You can hear Shere Khan below in the bushes. I didn't need to come to tell you he is here" Father Wolf listened. Below him was a valley that went down to a little river. In this he heard the angry sound of a tiger who has caught nothing and does not care if all the jungle knows about it.

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