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Trouble comes near

Mowgli never broke this law. He grew up and he became strong. He was a happy boy because he did not know that he was learning anything. He did not have anything to think about except finding things to eat. Mother Wolf reminded him that Shere Khan was his enemy, and she told him that one day he must kill Shere Khan. A young wolf would have remembered that all the time, but Mowgli forgot it. He was not a wolf, he was a boy - although he would have called himself a wolf if anybody asked him.

He often saw Shere Khan in the jungle. Akela was older and weaker, and Shere Khan had made friends with the younger wolves of the Pack. He used to give them bits of food from the animals he killed. Akela wanted to stop the tiger from doing this, but he was too old and weak, and the young wolves did not listen to him.