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Sherlock Holmes Investigates

The adventure of the speckled band.


Sherlock Holmes was sitting back in his chair, with his eyes closed. His head was on a cushion. Now he opened his eyes and looked at the woman.

"Please tell me everything," he said

"That is easy to do. I remember every second of that horrible time. The house is very old, and we live in only one part of it. The bedrooms are on the ground floor, and the other rooms are in the middle. All the bedrooms are together. The first is doctor Roylott's, the second is my sister's, and the third is my bedroom. You can see the garden from the bedroom windows."

"Do you understand that?"


" That night Dr Roylott went to his room early, but he did not go to bed. Instead he smoked one of his Indian cigars. My sister did not like the smell of the smoke, so she came into my bedroom. We sat together for a few minutes, talking about her wedding.

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