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sec.to go
sec.to go
sec.to go
Click the correct box.
1. Someone from France is ..
a Franceman French Francaise right wrong

2. Where do you get your car repaired?

A garbage A guardian A garage right wrong

3. Where can you have sideburns?

Your face Your hands Your knees right wrong



4. Someone from Holland is...

Dutch Deusch Hollandaise right wrong

5. Art is displayed in a/n ..

artifact viewer gallery right wrong

6. What are the muscles below your thighs?

Calves Pectorals Biceps right wrong


7. A person who escapes without a punishment goes ...

Portugese flying French Scot free right wrong

8. A small church is called a ..

Churchill Monastry Chapel right wrong

9. A morose person is ...

Happy Unhappy Lucky right wrong

and finally for 3 points...

10.Which of these does not refer to a nose?

Pug Gaunt Roman right wrong

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