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Company departments - Reading

Read this extract from the company handbook which describes some of the different departments of the company. Then decide which department is being referred to from the list on the right. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Cotto Bros. is divided into a number of departments, which all work together to keep the company working properly. Each of these departments has a particular role to play. Here are some of the more important departments.

Department A.  
The company makes things at our factory in southern England. This department is responsible for manufacturing the goods. It has to make sure that the quality is high and the cost per item is at a certain level.

Department B.  
Decides how much of the goods should be made by department A, and once they have been manufactured, this department is responsible for advertising and selling them.

Department C.  
Is responsible for finding new products for the company, and improving the ones that the company already makes. Their job is to make plans for the products the company will make in the future.

Department D.  
This department prepares the budget for the company, and decides how much money should be given to each department, and also how much of the profits should be spent on investment.

Department E.  
This department prepares contracts, guarantees, patents and other legal documents and also represents the company if it is involved in a court case.

Department F.  
Is responsible for the people in the company. They deal with hiring and firing staff, and also any problems that staff have with their health or their personal lives. They also deal with any problems between staff members that do not go to department E.


1. The Legal Department
a.   b.  c.   d.  e.  f.  

2. The Production Department
a.   b.   c.   d.   e.   f.  

3. The Personnel Department
a.   b.   c.   d.   e.   f.  

4. Research and Development
a.   b.   c.   d.   e.   f.  

5. The Marketing Department
a.   b.   c.   d.   e.   f.  

6. The Finance Department
a.   b.   c.   d.   e.   f.