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Computers - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. What does PC stand for? -
personal computer premium calculator Packard-Compaq processor/calculator right wrong
2. Information from the PC is displayed on the -
monitor showspace graphic VGAs right wrong
3. While it is running the computer keeps information in the -
bull boar ram stallion right wrong
4. A removable 3.5 inch disk of 1.44 mb is called a -
black disk hard disk software disk floppy disk right wrong
5. CD stands for -
carryable data compact disk convertable disk circular data right wrong
6. The different ways of storing information are called -
methods mechanics materials media right wrong
7. The part of the computer that does the calculations is the -
chip reckoner pentacle fan right wrong
8. Something which is a part of a machine is a -
peripheral mechanical component overall right wrong
9. Writing instructions for a computer is called -
ordering initiating programming filing right wrong
10. Another name for 'bits of information' is -
quantum data programs RAM right wrong
11. To write a CAPITAL letter, you press the ....... key.
Large Lower case Topper Shift right wrong
12. A small keyboard is called a -
boardette keypad miniboard keyino right wrong
13. To delete what you have just written, press the ..... key.
goback undo backspace wiper right wrong
14. If something changes because of what you do, it is -
changeable imitative mutable interactive right wrong
15. Something you can take out of your computer is -
extricable removable unfixed unhinged right wrong