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A financial column - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. An expert who gives advice on something is sometimes called a -
geek guru recommender recommendation right wrong
2. Something which has gone down and up a lot is said to have been on a -
roller-coaster ski-run boat-ride upside-downer right wrong
3. The Financial Times Stock Exchange Index is also called the -
Findex Stexin Pink Index Footsie right wrong
4. If people strongly disagree about something, opinion can be said to be -
clear-cut sharply divided disagreeable noncommital right wrong
5. If a project is certain to fail, it can be described as -
non-projected dubious doomed dejected right wrong
6. Something which is morally wrong, and not respectable can be called -
irrelevant unsavoury dispairing disrespectful right wrong
7. If people can see easily how a company does business, the comany has good -
repute transparency revelation clearness right wrong
8. When something is not clear, or even a bit suspicious, it is called -
dirty profound spotty murky right wrong
9. When you "lose your shirt" you -
get angry get lost lose your money fall in love right wrong
10. A business which is made up of many differerent companies is called a/an -
conglomerate trans-national multi-national anti-trust right wrong
11. Standard & Poor (S&P) specalise in international -
accounting mergers investment credit rating right wrong
12. A company which "bucks the trend" performs ..... compared to other companies.
better worse differently 2nd and 3rd right wrong
13. A ..... happens when the economy, or a part of it, is doing extremely well.
peak bang boom bust right wrong
14. If a company's shares go right down, they are said to have -
dipped sagged ducked tanked right wrong
15. One word for "changing and uncertain" is -
resolute impassive unsettled unknown right wrong