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Financial news report - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. This business was launched last year. "Launch" means -
started thrown away purchased profitable right wrong
2. An expression meaning "bought quickly" is -
get burned sold down the river snapped up dodgy dealing right wrong
3. Fred has the lofty rank of major-general in the army. What is "lofty"?
comfortable high important recent right wrong
4. The car crash was attributed to bad driving. "Attributed to" means -
the result of excluding to some degree responsible for right wrong
5. That house was built at the turn of last century. When was the house probably built?
1990 1950 1900 1850 right wrong
6. Mr Jones is my former employer. "Former" means -
present for tax purposes official past right wrong
7. When a private company issues shares in the stock market, this is called -
selling the family silver putting the boot in going up the creek taking the firm public right wrong
8. Someone who is expected to do well is called a -
shooting star brown-noser downsizee high-flier right wrong
9. Try asking Morgan & Stanton in the first instance. "In the first instance" means -
as the first one as soon as possible if you can for example right wrong
10. They issued a second tranche of shares last month. A "tranche" of shares is -
an IPO dividend-paying percentage shares for the chairman right wrong
11. "Punters" are -
customers gamblers people on a flat-bottomed boat a, b and c right wrong
12. In gambling, a "flutter" is -
a racehorse a bad bet a small bet a winning bet right wrong
13. I managed to bag myself a good seat. what does "bag" mean?
order obtain find by luck get cheaply right wrong
14. Fred is getting on a bit. "Getting on a bit" means -
talking too much becoming drunk making money becoming old right wrong
15. I have staked a lot of money in that company. "A stake" is something -
lost invested earned needed right wrong