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Merger report - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. When two companies decide to join together, this is called a -
marriage merger melding monopoly right wrong
2. The business of a company that carries loads on trains or lorries is -
movement transhumance migration freight right wrong
3. If something is allowed to happen, it is said to be able to -
go ahead foot on happenstance permit itself right wrong
4. Another word for "reasons" is -
regions grounds grants ration right wrong
5. Something that happens "in the wake" of something else happens -
at the same time before afterward occasionally right wrong
6. In business "PR" stands for -
Person Responsible Price Retail Public Relations Personal Receptionist right wrong
7. The organisation that negotiates with the management for the workers is the -
Unite Unison Union Unanimous right wrong
8. If a company "cuts jobs" it has fewer -
workers working hours public holidays work breaks right wrong
9. People who put money into a company are its -
owners backers debtors directors right wrong
10. Extra money for doing extra work is called -
time added added time clocking off overtime right wrong
11. Until a company needs something, it stores it in a -
deposit depot disposition deposition right wrong
12. When things are cheaper for a bigger company, this is called a/an -
profit margin enterprise cost balance of power economy of scale right wrong
13. A company that has a specialised product or service has a -
market niche mark-down rollover conglomerate right wrong
14. When one company takes control of another, this is called a/an -
intake overtake takeover take-in right wrong
15. A company with a lot of money in the bank has a -
overdraft gold mine cash pile deep interest right wrong