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Bankrupcy report - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. When a company goes out of business, it is said to -
break down trade down open the books shut up shop right wrong
2. A way to say that something is dead is to say it has given up -
the bucket the ghost with life for altogether right wrong
3. When you change the way that you repay debts, this is called -
coughing up refinancing defaulting bouncing right wrong
4. A deal where you must say yes or no, but you cannot change anything is called a -
package deal bargain complete deal devil's deal right wrong
5. People who are owed money are called -
baliffs depositors dealers creditors right wrong
6. A project which is the idea of one person is called that person's -
incubus albatross thoughtform brainchild right wrong
7. A company's idea of how it will make money is called its -
business model ad hoc measure profit moneyworthiness right wrong
8. Something you "did not take into account" is something you didn't -
think about pay for employ use temporarily right wrong
9. People who put money into a company are its -
owners backers debtors directors right wrong
10. One way for a company to find what its customers think is by -
sales pitches vox pops market research sales investigation right wrong
11. If you make sure that a bet will not cost too much, you -
cut it make it safe hedge it mortgage it right wrong
12. If you have not lost much, but not won much, you are said to -
bounce back roll over start again break even right wrong
13. In a "bear market" the value of shares goes -
up down up and down unchanged right wrong
14. Another word for "promise" is -
nag prayer pledge swearwords right wrong
15. Something that you will lose if you don't repay a debt is called -
a morgage collateral spawn hostage right wrong