English for Everybody - Advanced course
Let's go to town!
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About town

Look at the descriptions below. What are these places called? Read the description, and then write the number of the description in the box next to the name. When you have finished, press the button marked "check".

1. The part of a church where the priest lives. ATRIUM
2. A garden inside a building. PAWNBROKER
3. A luxury flat on top of a tall building. DIY CENTRE
4. A wide street, often with trees on the side. MONUMENT
5. This shop lends you money if you leave something valuable with them. RECTORY
6. A shop that sells paint, tools and building material. T JUNCTION
7. A building or a statue in memory of a special person or event. AVENUE
8. Where one road joins another at a right angle. PENTHOUSE

Let's go!