English for Everybody - Advanced course
Let's go to town!

Let's practice....


About town

Look at the descriptions below. What are these places called? Read the description, and then write the number of the description in the box next to the name. When you have finished, press the button marked "check".

1. He ordered a dozen roses from the local ..... FLYOVER
2. Your car is a wreck. It belongs in a .... COMPREHENSIVE
3. Melanie studies at the local ......... school. LAY-BY
4. The road crosses the motorway at that ..... FLORIST
5. A lawyer's offices are called his ..... CHAMBERS
6. I'm tired of driving. I'll stop at the next .... BOOKMAKERS
7. If you want to bet on a horse race, go to the .... BED & BREAKFAST
8. I'm staying for a week at the local ...... SCRAPYARD

Let's go!