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exploding fireworks
exploding fireworks


15/10/2016English Game - Rocking Englishelementary
20/10/2016English for smartphones - IELTS test 1 part 4intermediate/advanced
25/10/2016English for Young Learners - Compound words part 3beginners
31/10/2016Writers' Corner - Part 11-
5/11/2016English for smartphones - CAE test 1 part 5advanced
10/11/2016Dracula 2 pp 33-34all levels
15/11/2016The Prof's English blog intermediate +
20/11/2016Beginners Course - Unit 8 for smartphonesbeginners
25/11/2016Flag Quiz - Game for smartphoneselementary
30/11/2016Book review-
5/12/2016English for smartphones - IELTS test 1 part 5intermediate/advanced
10/12/2016English for Young Learners - Compound words part 4beginners
15/12/2016Verb, noun or both - Game for smartphonesall levels
19/12/2016Xmas Quizall levels
19/12/2016Xmas holiday 19th December to 5th January-
5/1/2017English for smartphones - IELTS test 1 part 6intermediate/advanced
10/1/2017Beginners Course - Unit 9 for smartphonesbeginners
15/1/2017The Prof's English blog intermediate +
20/1/2017Noun attack! - Game for smartphonesall levels

22/1/2017 This week's Podcast - Dracula (p69 & p70)

25/1/2017Grammar - Unit 8 part 1 intermadiate
31/1/2017Irregular verbs crossword intermadiate
5/2/2017English for smartphones - CPE test 1 part 1intermediate/advanced
10/2/2017Dracula 2 pp 35-36all levels