English for Everybody - Intermediate reading comprehension


Page 56

Lucy, Asleep?


Lucy is asleep and breathing softly. She has more colour in her cheeks than usual, and looks, oh, so sweet. If Mr. Holmwood fell in love with her seeing her only in the drawing-room, I wonder what he would say if he saw her now. Maybe one day 'Modern Women' writers will suggest that men and women should be allowed to see each other asleep before proposing or accepting. But I suppose the Modern Woman won’t just accept a marriage proposal - she will do the proposing herself. And a nice job she will make of it, too! There's some consolation in that. I am so happy to-night, because dear Lucy seems better. I really believe she has turned the corner, and that her troubles with dreaming have finished. I should be completely happy if I only knew if Jonathan ... God bless and keep him safe.

11 August, 3 a. m. Diary again. No sleep now, so I may as well write. I am too upset and nervous to sleep. We have had such an adventure, such a horrible experience. I fell asleep as soon as I had closed my diary... Suddenly I became wide awake, and sat up with a terrible sense of fear upon me, and of some feeling of emptiness around me. The room was dark, so I could not see Lucy's bed. I stole across and felt for her. The bed was empty.


Drawing-room: Room in a Victorian house
Suggest: Bring up an idea
Proposing: Here it means asking to marry someone
Condescend: Deal with someone you think is inferior
Consolation: Something that makes yoyu feel better
Turned the corner: Begun to improve
Bless: Have good things given by God
Experience: Something that happens to a person
Stole: Here it means moved like a thief

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