English for Everybody - Elementary reading comprehension


Page 31

Going to England

He said "I am glad you have found this room here, for I am sure you will find many things that will interest you". He laid his hand on some of the books "These have been good friends to me for the past few years, ever since I had the idea of going to London. They have given me many, many hours of pleasure. Through these books I have come to know your great England. Any when you know England, you start to love it. I really look forward to going through the crowded streets of mighty London, to be in the middle of a huge, rushing crowd of people. I want to share in the life of the city, the changes, death, and everything that makes the city what it is. But unfortunately I only know your language from studying it in books. I am hoping that you will help me learn to speak it."

"But, Count," I said, "You know English thoroughly, and speak it thoroughly as well!" He bowed seriously.

"I thank you, my friend, but I think you are saying that just to please me. I have just started on the road I want to travel. Yes, I know the grammar and the words, but I don't yet know how to speak them."

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