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The Pickwick Papers

About Dogs and Ladies

'Not just now,' said Mr Winkle.

'Ah! you should keep dogs - they are fine animals - wise - I once had a dog of my own - a pointer - I was out shooting one day - entering an inclosure - I whistled - dog stopped - whistled again no go; he stood absolutely still - called him - Ponto, Ponto - wouldn't move - staring at a board - looked up, saw an inscription -"Gamekeeper has orders to shoot all dogs found in this inclosure" - so he wouldn't pass it - wonderful dog - valuable dog that - very.'

'That is most remarkable,' said Mr Pickwick. 'Will you allow me to make a note of it?'

'Certainly, Sir, certainly - I have hundred more anecdotes of the same animal. Fine girl, Sir' (to Mr Tracy Tupman, who had been giving admiring glances at a young lady by the roadside).

'Very!' said Mr Tupman.

'English girls are not so fine as Spanish - they are noble creatures - jet hair - black eyes - lovely bodies - sweet creatures - beautiful.'

'You have been in Spain, sir?' said Mr Tracy Tupman.


Sagacious: Wise.
Pointer: A dog used in hunting.
Inclosure: Private land.
No go: It wouldn't work.
Ponto: The dog's name.
Inscription: Something written.
Gamekeeper: The man who looks after wild animals.
Anecdote: Interesting or amusing short story
Glance: A quick look.
Creatures: Here he means 'people'.
Jet: Dark black.

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