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The Pickwick Papers

Getting sorted out

'That will suit me excellently,' said the stranger, 'five precisely - till then - take care of yourselves;' and lifting the pinched-up hat a few inches from his head, and carelessly replacing it very much on one side, the stranger, with half the brown paper parcel sticking out of his pocket, walked briskly out the yard, and turned into the High Street.

'Evidently a traveller in many countries, and a close observer of men and things,' said Mr Pickwick.

'I should like to see his poem,' said Mr Snodgrass.

'I should like to have seen that dog,' said Mr Winkle.

Mr Tupman said nothing; but he thought of Donna Christina, the stomach pump, and the fountain; and his eyes filled with tears.

A private sitting-room having been engaged, bedrooms inspected, and dinner ordered, the party walked out to view the city and adjoining neighbourhood.


Briskly: Quickly.
Close observer: Careful watcher.
Engaged: Reserved.
Party: Here it means 'group'.
Adjoining: The part next to this one.

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