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The Canterville Ghost

A strange sight.

The Cantervilles were a brave family, so the ghost was not frightened for a long time. He decided that when the day came he would go and and speak to the other ghost. So when the silver light of the dawn was touching the hills , the Canterville ghost went back to the place where he had seen the other ghost. He thought that, after all, two ghosts would be even more frightening than one ghost would be. Perhaps his new friend could help him to do something about the twins.

He reached the place where he had seen the other ghost. Now he saw something strange and terrible. Something had happened to the other ghost. The light had completely gone from its eyes, the gleaming dagger had fallen from its hand, and it was leaning up against the wall and looking very uncomfortable. The Canterville ghost ran forward quickly and put his arms around the other ghost. Immediately the head slipped off the other ghost. It and rolled away, and the body fell flat on the floor. The Canterville ghost was horrified. He was now holding a white bed-sheet, with a broom, a kitchen knife, and a hollow turnip lying at his feet! He could not understand what had happened to change the other ghost so much. Quickly he picked up the notice that had been on the other ghost's chest. In the grey morning light, he stood and read what was on the notice. It said:

THE OTIS GHOSTE. The Only True and Originale Spook. Beware of Imitations.
All others are not real.

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