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The Jungle book

The man cub

Because Father Wolf didn't want to jump forward, he had to jump straight up into the air instead. He jumped very high, and came down in the place where he had started from. "Man!" he said with surprise. " It is a man's cub. Look!"

A little brown baby was in front of him. He was standing by holding on to a branch, because he was so young he could not walk properly. It was very strange to see such a soft small baby come to a wolf's home at night. The baby looked up into Father Wolf's face, and laughed.

"Is that a man's cub?" said Mother Wolf. "I have never seen one. Bring it here."

Wolves often move their own cubs. They can be very gentle, and they can even carry an egg without breaking it. Father Wolf picked up the baby in his jaws, but he carried him very carefully to Mother Wolf and put him down without hurting him at all. Mother Wolf looked at him lying among her own cubs. "How little he is! He is very brave too!" said Mother Wolf softly. The baby pushed between the wolf cubs because he wanted to get close to the warm Mother Wolf. "Ah! He is drinking milk with the babies. So this is a man's cub! I am sure that there has never been a wolf who had a man's cub as one of her children!"

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