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The Jungle book

The hunt

"I promise you this is true by the Broken Lock that made me free, Little Brother."

"Then I promise by the Bull that bought me that I will do the same thing to Shere Khan and maybe even a little more," said Mowgli, and he ran off.

"That is like a man. Oh, yes, a man," said Bagheera, and he lay down again. "Oh, Shere Khan, you were very stupid to go hunting Mowgli ten years ago!" Mowgli ran a very long way through the forest. He ran hard, because he was angry and upset. In the evening he came to the cave where his parents lived. He stopped for breath, and looked down the valley. The other cubs were out, but Mother Wolf was at the back of the cave. She knew by the way that Mowgli was breathing that something was wrong.

"What is it, my son?" she said.

"Some stupid talk by Shere Khan," Mowgli replied. "I am going to hunt in the fields tonight". He ran through the bushes to the bottom of the valley. There he stopped for a moment, because he heard the Pack hunting. They were hunting a big deer, and the deer had turned to fight. Mowgli heard the young wolves. They sounded happy that they were going to cause trouble: "Akela! Akela! Show us how strong you are. You are the leader of the Pack! Go on, Akela, kill the deer!" Akela jumped at the deer, but he missed. Mowgli heard Akela's teeth close together on nothing, and then a sound of pain as the deer kicked him.

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