Page 11

The Jungle book

Baloo speaks

The wolves did not agree. A young four-year-old wolf asked Shere Khan's question again: "Why do the Free People want a man's cub?" Now, the Law of the Jungle says that if the wolves are not sure if a cub should be allowed to join the Pack, then two other wolves who are not his father and mother must agree that he can join the Pack.

"Who says that this cub can join us?" said Akela. "Does anyone want to speak?" There was no answer. Mother Wolf got ready. There was going to be a fight, and she would die in that fight. Then someone spoke. Only one other animal was allowed at the wolves' meeting. His name was Baloo. He was a sleepy brown bear who taught the wolf cubs the Law of the Jungle. Old Baloo can come and go anywhere, because he eats only nuts and plants and honey. He stood up on his back legs and said.

"The man's cub - the man's cub?" he said. "I speak for the man's cub. A man's cub is not dangerous. I am not good at speaking, but this is true. Let him join the Pack, let him be a wolf with the others. I will teach him."

"We need someone else to say that the cub can join us" said Akela. "Baloo has said yes, and he is our teacher for the young cubs. Does anyone else want to speak?"

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