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Sherlock Holmes Investigates

The adventure of the speckled band.


"Yes, sir, that be the house of Dr. Grimesby Roylott," said the driver.

"There is some building going on there," said Holmes; "that is where we are going."

"There's the village," said the driver, pointing to a group of roofs some distance to the left; "but if you want to get to the house, you'll find it shorter to get over this fence, and so by the foot-path over the fields. There it is, where the lady is walking."

"And the lady, I fancy, is Miss Stoner," said Holmes, shading his eyes. "Yes, I think we had better do as you suggest."

We got off, paid our fare, and the carriage went back on its way to Leatherhead.


That be: "That is" in local dialect.
Group: Things all in one place.
Fancy: Here it means "think".
Shading: Putting a shadow over.
Fare: The price of a journey.

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