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Sherlock Holmes Investigates

The adventure of the speckled band.


Our visitor went on with her story. "That was two years ago. Since my sisterís death, my life has been even more lonely. But a month ago, a dear friend, who I have known for a long time, asked to marry me. My stepfather did not object, and we will get married in the spring. Two days ago, workmen started to repair one side of the house. The work damaged my bedroom wall, and I had to move into my sisterís room. That is the room in which she died, and I am now sleeping in that same bed.

Last night something terrible happened. I was lying in the bed thinking about how my sister died when I heard the same whistle as she had heard just before her death. I jumped up and lit the lamp, but the room was empty. I could not sleep after that, so I got dressed, and as soon as it was day, I left the house. I came straight to you, with the idea of asking or your advice."

"That was the right thing to do", said Holmes, "but you have not told me everything."


Object: To give a reason for not doing something.
Repair: To make something which is damaged as it should be.
Damaged: Something broken or hurt.
Lamp: A light which is on a table or wall, and not on the ceiling.

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