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Sherlock Holmes Investigates

The adventure of the speckled band.


"My dear lady," said Sherlock Holmes "I work because I like to work; but you can pay me any money I must spend to help you, but you can pay me when you want to to. But now please tell us everything".

"Oh dear!" said our visitor, "the terrible thing is that I to do not know why I am afraid, I worry about small things, and I do not think that other people will think they are very important. Even my special friend, who I want to ask for help and advice thinks that my problem is not important. He does not say that, I know that he thinks this. Mr Holmes you must tell me what to do."

"I will do everything I can," said Holmes.

The young lady was happy because Holmes wanted to help her. Now she told us why she wanted to see us that morning.

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