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Sherlock Holmes Investigates

The adventure of the speckled band.


We were very surprised to hear this, but Holmes said "Yes, that is what we must do. I will tell you why. I think that that is the village hotel over there?"

"Yes, the hotel is called the Crown."

"Very good. I am sure that we can see your bedroom window from the hotel."

Holmes told Miss Stonor "You must stay in your room. When your stepfather comes back, tell him that you have a headache. Then, when you hear him go to bed, you must open your window, and put a light there so that we know the window is open. Then take everything that you need for the night, and go very quietly to your old bedroom. I am sure that you can stay there for one night."

"Oh, yes, I can stay there easily."

"We will do everything else."

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