Sherlock Holmes Investigates

The adventure of the speckled band.


It was early in April, 1883. One morning I opened my eyes and saw Sherlock Holmes by the side of my bed. He usually got out of bed very late, but today the clock on the wall said that it was only a quarter past seven. I was surprised. I was also a little angry, because I don't like to begin the day at a quarter past seven.

"I'm very sorry, Watson, " said Holmes "but everyone is out of bed early today. Mrs Hudson was first, she came to me, and I came to you."

"Is it a fire?"

"No, an investigation. A young lady is here. She is very upset, and she wants to see me. She is in the sitting room. Now, when young ladies come here early in the morning, and get sleepy people out of their beds, I think that they want to tell me something important. Perhaps it is an interesting investigation. Do you want to do the investigation with me? I decided to come to you and ask you."

"My dear Holmes, I am very happy that you asked me."

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