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Read the text below and choose the right word for each space. Press the button next to the correct answer in the table opposite.

The Peloponnesian war.

Answer Sheet

The war ..0..between Athens and Sparta ..1.. than 400 years before the birth of Christ resulted ..2.. the defeat of Athens by the more military power of Sparta. However, Sparta's victory was ..3.. temporary, and Athens went on to produce philosophers ..4.. Aristotle, and great orators, one example ..5..Demosthenes.

..6.. , one of the most significant effects of the war was that ..7.. the first real history ever written was written about it . The writer, an Athenian general ..8.. Thucydides, had a passion for accuracy, and did not use the myth and romance which historians had used until ..9.. Not only was the history of Thucydides factually accurate, it was ..10.. written in splendid Greek.

0.a. happen b. battlec. foughtd. fighted
1.a. overb. much c. more d. higher
2.a. by b. with c. for d. in
3. a. more b. really c. only d. finally
4.a. example b. such as c. liking d. that is
5.a. was b. like c. instance d. being
6.a. Only b. In fact c. Instead d. However
7.a. almost b. yet c. very d. actually
8.a. who was b. name c. for example d. called
9.a. before b. then c. the end d. recently
10.a. anyway b. also c. has d. but


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