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In this part you will see notices. You will need to decide what the notices say. For each notice, choose the answer and press the button next to the correct answer.

What does the notice say?

    a. This glass will break in a fire
    b. Break this glass if there is a fire
    c. Anyone who breaks the glass will be fired
    d. This is a case of fired glass

"Guys - I found out about the music in the park. Tickets are available Mon-Friday. Let me know if there are any times you can't go.
    a. You can buy tickets in the park for music
    b. There is music in the park from Monday to Friday
    c. A band called Mon-Fri will play in the park
    d. You can buy tickets on weekdays
    a. 50% of the items will be sold next week
    b. All items will be half price in the Spring
    c. Some items will be half price next week
    d. After the spring sale many items will cost 50% more
    a. You cannot watch this film if you are under 18
    b. This film is about children or teenagers
    c. This film can still be used after 18 years
    d. You should only watch films if you are over 18
    a. You must carry a dog to use this escalator
    b. You must stand on the right if you have a dog
    c. Stand on the right, and carry your dog if you have one
    d. The left side of the escalator is for people going the other way
    a. This toy does not use batteries
    b. The special offer does not include batteries
    c. Batteries are on special offer for $20
    d. You must buy the batteries for this toy separately


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