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Click on the speaker to listen to the recording. Then look at the description of the gallery. For each question put the missing information in the proper space.

Lowestoft Art Gallery
Welcome to Lowestoft's oldest museum (Established 1. )
The oldest part of the gallery is the Lowestoft Room.
The only picture in the Lowestoft Room not collected by Sir Henry is of 2.
The Lowestoft Room was the part of the gallery given to the nation by Sir Henry.
The second oldest part of the Gallery is the Pitt Room.
The most famous painting in the Pitt room is the Parsa by 3.
This painting is not on display at this time.

The Handsome wing is the newest part of the gallery
The Handsome wing has the collection of 4.

Statues by Di Pietro can be found in the Main gallery and in 5. .
Posters and postcards are sold in the Tea Room.
The Tea Room is in the 6.
Please do not touch or photograph any of the exhibits

Enjoy your visit!




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